Monthly Donation Memberships provide direct care to cats, dogs looking for forever home - Lakeland Animal Shelter

Monthly Donation Memberships provide direct care to cats, dogs looking for forever home

Rusty here. I live in the Cat Room at Lakeland and am here to tell you how you can help my fellow felines — oh and those big loud dogs next door too. So you know all of those subscription boxes out there where you can get makeup samples or all different types of jerky or wine – we hear our volunteers talking! – there’s a subscription option here at Lakeland that is exactly like those monthly boxes but you’ll be helping Lakeland take care of me and all of my furry friends.

Lakeland is dependent on the generosity of people you like you…yeah you, the one reading this right now! The monthly donation program helps Lakeland provide things that all of us need like medical attention, grooming and loving care. With the support from the monthly donations, Lakeland staff and volunteers are able to take care of us while we wait for our forever homes – no matter how long it takes.

Another part of our care at Lakeland that is covered by the monthly donations is our day-to-day necessities like food, kitty litter and cleaning products to keep our areas clean. Every month that adds up to about 6,000 pounds of food, 1,600 pounds of kitty litter, 600 gallons of cleaning supplies, and 21,000 hours of animal care – which adds up to $65,000 a month. We may be cute, but we aren’t cheap, and your donations will help Lakeland care for us while we keep waiting for our forever homes.

The expense that come with giving me and all my friends the best possible life while we wait for our forever homes is an expense that not all shelters take on. Lakeland makes sure that all of us – no matter our age, how long we’re here for or our specific care needs – are taken care of until we are adopted. That’s why monthly donations are so important. They allow Lakeland staff to continue to take care of all us without worrying about being able to fund any of the care or supplies that we all need. Some of my friends come in with a lot of medical needs or specific medical conditions that require a lot of money to treat – and Lakeland always figures out a way to help my friends feel better while looking for their forever home. But that requires a lot of funding, and your generous monthly donations help cover those costs and care for my friends that wouldn’t get the same chance if they weren’t at Lakeland.

There are different levels of the monthly donations, and all of them are extremely appreciated to help Lakeland take care of me and my friends. They range from $9 to $94, but monthly subscribers can also select an amount that works best for them. For $9 a month you can be part of our Companion Membership. For $16 a month you can be a Caregiver Member. For $24 a month you can be a Rescuer Member. Our Protector Membership is $36 a month. The Lifesaver Membership is $48 a month. And the Best Friend Membership is $94.

The monthly memberships are easy to apply for on Lakeland’s website. So whether you’re a Companion, Rescuer or Lifesaver…myself and all of my friends thank you for chooosing to support Lakeland Animal Shelter so we can keep looking for our forever homes.

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