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Be a Lakeland Laundry Life-Saver!

When the new shelter was built seven years ago, we purchased two used commercial washers and four used commercial dryers to save on costs. 

The shelter does approximately 25 loads of laundry daily, 7 days a week/365 days which totals approximately 65,000 loads in the seven years! 

Our washers are wearing out and the dryers are tired. Two of the dryers are being used for parts for the other two. A costly repair was made for one of the washers, and the second one’s repair is not far behind.

The approximate cost to replace the four commercial dryer tumblers and two commercial triple load washers is $30,000. An amazing shelter supporter has pledged up to $15,000 in matching funds to help finance the upgrades.

Would YOU be a Lakeland Laundry Life-Saver and help us continue to provide fresh, clean blankets and linens for the homeless animals of Walworth County in our care?

Please donate today!

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