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Volunteers play a critical role at the Lakeland Animal Shelter. Without our volunteers, we would never be able to provide the current level of programs and services to assist the animals and the community.

You can submit your Volunteer Profile online or in person at the Shelter. See our Volunteer Brochure for more details on the program, or contact our volunteer coordinator at volunteer.las@gmail.com for more information. Please note that if you do submit an application, you will be contacted via email. Add volunteer.las@gmail.com to your email address book to make sure the email doesn’t go into your Junk Mail!

Dog Walking

Looking to get some exercise for yourself and our four legged friends? Then you might just be interested in becoming a dog walker! Our Dog Walkers provide exercise and mental stimulation to each of our ready for adoption dogs on our five-acre land. From the little tiny Chihuahuas to the Great Danes, our doggies love the get out of their kennels and feel the soft grass, or snow! Our property is equipped with 3 smaller pen areas for some “drop the leash” time, or our fenced in pastures for some “off leash” time for our doggies that won’t jump the fence!

Volunteers must be willing to learn and use our commands used during our Bright Futures Obedience class. Training is set up for volunteers with the Volunteer Coordinator or an experienced current Dog Walker. Volunteers aged 13-15 must walk with a parent. Please fill out a Volunteer Profile, and we will get back to you soon. 

Cat Room Monitor

Like to stay indoors and enjoy a furry feline friend? Then you might just be interested in becoming a Cat Room Monitor. Volunteers provide supervision and assistance to potential adopters while spending time with the adoptable cats and maintaining the cleanliness of the cat room. Positions at Petsmart in Delavan and Madison are alson an option. Must be at least 18 years of age* to be a Cat Room Monitor volunteer. Please fill out a  Volunteer Profile, and we will be happy to get back in touch with you. 

*Cat Room Monitor Assistant Available for volunteers under the age of 18. Please contact our Volunteer Coordinator at volunteer.las@gmail.com for more details. 

Animal-Assisted Therapy

Animal Assisted Therapy volunteers have the unique opportunity to provide a beneficial service to both animals and people. Animal Assisted Therapy is increasingly used to boost the mood and morale of those in resident care facilities. By bringing a Shelter dog or cat to visit one of these facilities, an Animal Assisted Therapy Volunteer can find that people from diverse backgrounds and facing a wide range of physical, emotional, and psychological struggles can find not only comfort, but also growth and healing through animal-assisted therapy. The premise is simple: the bond between humans and animals reaches beyond words, and an animal’s presence can offer a powerful level of comfort and companionship that is unconditional and runs very deep. Interested? Please fill out a Volunteer Profile

To be eligible for an Animal Assisted Therapy Volunteer position, a volunteer must first complete the Dog Walking training and be at least 18 years of age or assisted by a parent. For more information, please email volunteer.las@gmail.com

Outreach Team

What is one of the best ways to increase awareness about the needs of homeless animals in our community? Join our Community Outreach Team! Community Outreach volunteers are able to participate in this rewarding program by bringing adoptable animals to various locations throughout the community to increase exposure to those who may not be aware of them. See our Events Calendar to view some of the upcoming Outreach events that are scheduled.

Any volunteer is eligible to join the Community Outreach Team. Please contact volunteer.las@gmail.com. If you are interested in becoming a member of our Outreach Team, please fill out a Volunteer Profile

Bright Futures – Training & Obedience

Do you want to be an integral part of helping homeless dogs find new homes?  If so, becoming a Bright Futures volunteer dog handler may be for you! In this program, volunteers are able to work a specially designed six-week obedience course for Shelter dogs as instructed by professional trainer Lisa Freeman. The volunteer dog handlers work with dogs in the shelter to correct behavioral or social issues, as well as working on basic obedience commands. 

This volunteer position does require an understanding of canine behavior and confidence in working with shy, scared, or abused dogs. Weather permitting, classes are held on the shelter property. If bad weather, class will be moved to the Bark Market in Delavan. Classes currently meet on Monday from 4-5:30 and spectators are welcome. For more information, please contact volunteer.las@gmail.com

*If you’re looking for school credit or court ordered community service, you’d need to apply for our Community Service Program. You can come to the shelter and submit an application, or you can email kristen@lakelandanimalshelter.org and request a form.

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