Fostering - Lakeland Animal Shelter

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The volume of incoming cats to the Lakeland Animal Shelter puts a tremendous strain on the shelter’s resources. Some of these kittens are orphaned and may require bottle feeding. Others are under-socialized and require extra attention while learning to love and trust people. Some come to us with injuries caused by cars, other animals, or sometimes even humans. Even if they don’t have special needs, kittens do not have developed immune systems, and a continuous flow of sick cats coming through our doors places all of them at risk for severe, and sometimes even fatal, illness.

Whenever possible, our first choice for all of these little ones is foster care. Kittens raised in foster homes have a better chance to grow strong and healthy and develop strong immune systems before being exposed to many of the all-too-common feline viruses. While we wish all kittens could be raised in foster homes, the space available is never equal to the number of kittens coming in. We do our best to help our kittens in foster homes find permanent families quickly so that our foster homes can be available to help more kittens.

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