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‘Pay Down the Mortgage’ by 2022 to keep Lakeland helping stray, abandoned pets

Hi! I love my forever home. My name is Moab – my new family gives me toys to chew and balls to chase, and I love my human sister. But I’m not here to tell you about my forever home. I’m here to tell you about Lakeland Animal Shelter and how you can help them help other dogs and cats like me.

When I was brought to Lakeland it took me a little bit of time to find my family. Sometimes it takes extra time for animals to find their forever home because we all have different needs, but Lakeland always provides us with a safe and caring place to live while we keep looking. The Lakeland Animal Shelter is a beautiful new building big enough to help hundreds of animals a month find their forever home.

Lakeland built the new shelter for me and all of my friends in 2016, and the number of animals they took in increased by 40 percent. With the new building, Lakeland has been able to help thousands of more animals find their forever homes, but they still need your help to pay off the mortgage for the new building.

The original Capital Campaign for the new building was set up to raise just over $3 million. With the community’s help, Lakeland raised just over $2 million and built the adoption center. But what most people don’t know is that to finance the rest of the new building, Lakeland mortgaged the last $1 million to finish the facility. The Pay Down the Mortgage campaign has been set up to help Lakeland pay off the $1 million, 15-year mortgage in two years.

With your help, Lakeland is hoping to fully pay off the mortgage by May 2022, which means they need to raise an additional $10,000 per month between now and May 2022. My friends and I would all appreciate your help in paying down the mortgage so that Lakeland can continue to use future funds to help animals like us and take care of them while they’re looking for their forever homes. My time at Lakeland was invaluable to me finding my forever home and my new family, and with your help paying down the mortgage, other animals will have that same opportunity at the new Lakeland Animal Shelter Facility.

To help Pay Down the Mortgage, donate online, contact Kristen Perry at kperry@lakelandanimalshelter.org or call 262-723-1000.

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