Help animals like Ro Ro while they wait for their forever homes - Lakeland Animal Shelter

Help animals like Ro Ro while they wait for their forever homes

Gosh I can’t wait to get outside to sniff some sniffs and go for a walk. Oh…Hi! My name’s Ro Ro…are you here to take me outside for some sniffs? No…you want to know more about my temporary home at Lakeland and how you can help? Ok!

Lakeland and all of us animals need your help now to be able to keep looking for our forever homes. I was a stray and am so glad someone brought me to Lakeland so they can help me find my forever family. Lakeland has a nice big yard with all the sniffs just outside of Delavan and Elkhorn. I love all of the staff and volunteers at Lakeland that come visit and take care of me each day.

Lakeland takes in strays like me and surrenders, like my friend Tucker, and helps us find families to love us. But that’s why you’re here right? To adopt me or one of my friends, or to help Lakeland take care of us? More than 70 percent of Lakeland’s funds go to support dogs – like me – and those fluffy cats next door to us is with help from people like you, and right now Lakeland really needs your generous donations.

Every year Lakeland takes in thousands of stray or neglected animals in Walworth County, and they’re dedicated to helping all of us feel loved and safe while they work to find us our forever homes. Lakeland lets us stay and takes care of us as long as it takes our perfect family to find us, which is why any type of donation from you is so important. You want to help Lakeland take care of us while we’re waiting for our forever family, don’t you?

I knew you’d say yes! Tucker and I are so happy you want to help. There are a couple ways you can help. You can give a one-time donation in any amount that works for you. You can join Lakeland’s monthly donation program where you’ll help pay for our food, toys – Tucker and I love the tug-a-rope the best – and all of the other monthly expenses Lakeland has. You can give the gift of supporting Lakeland with a donation on behalf of a family member or friend for any event or holiday. And then there’s sponsorship donations – where you can give a one-time or recurring donation that will help take care of one or more specific cats and dogs. Sponsorship donations provide food, shelter and veterinary care for Lakeland animals – like me and Tucker!

We know there’s a scary virus going around because we see people walking around with masks all the time. Tucker and I have heard it called COVID-19, and because of the virus Lakeland needs volunteers, donations and contributions more than ever. You can become a volunteer right now and cuddle with some kitties or take me and Tucker for walks! We’d love to show you where our favorite sniffs are outside. Lakeland also needs some everyday stuff to keep taking care of us and our friends – like bleach, laundry detergent, toilet paper, paper towels and dish soap.

That was a lot of information, but here’s what you need to know – me, Tucker and all of the other animals at Lakeland just want to find our forever homes, and Lakeland needs your help and generosity right now to keep taking care of us and love us until we do. Go to Lakeland’s website for all of the ways you can help – plus you can find a list of me and all of my friends currently looking for homes!

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