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Memorial Trees

A memorial tree is a long-lasting opportunity to honor or remember a loved one. At the same time, it improves the beauty and quality of the Lakeland Animal Shelter grounds. The Lakeland Animal Shelter has chosen Sugar Maple and Red Oak to be included in the memorial program. These trees are durable and drought tolerant. A 30 gallon tree is standard, but larger trees may be installed at a higher cost.


Trees will be planted between May 1 and October 1. You may select a specific location for your tree donation from the list on the application. The tree’s exact location will be determined by the Lakeland Animal Shelter. Donors will be notified once a tree has been planted and made aware of its location. The Lakeland Animal Shelter cannot guarantee a specific planting date. 

Donors are not permitted to add additional plantings, flowers, or decorations to the memorial’s area. You may choose a memorial tree with or without an accompanying bronze marker.


The cost for a memorial tree with an accompanying memorial bronze marker is approximately $1000. This includes:

  • Supply and planting of the 30 gallon tree
  • A cast bronze 4 inch by 8 inch plaque at the foot of the tree, surrounded by concrete for stability

The cost for a memorial tree without an accompanying marker is approximately $750.00 This includes:

  • Supply and planting of the 30 gallon tree


Memorial inscriptions are limited to for whom the tree is in honor / memory of and the dates of birth and death or dedication. Additional inscriptions, religious symbols, and extraneous content is not permitted.

Inscriptions will appear in the following format:
In memory of / In loving memory of / In honor of
Bob Smith
June 5, 1942 – January 7, 2010

Memorial Trees

Memorial Tree With Marker$1,000 each
Memorial Tree Without Marker$750 each
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