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Marble Tribute Tiles

Tiles imprinted with a beloved pet’s photo and name are permanently installed on the interior walls of our Adoption and Education Center and serve as an ever-lasting tribute to the love and bond between animals and owners in Walworth County. Thousands of visitors each year will see these furry faces decorating our walls.

Marble tiles are available in 3 sizes, 5×7 for $250, 8 x 10 for $750, and 11 x 13 for $1000. These tiles will be installed throughout the building on display to the public. The tile can be inscribed with your pet’s name (first and last if desired) only.

An Alternative To The Usual Birthday Or Anniversary Gift!

Is someone’s birthday around the corner? Stumped by what gift to give to honor an anniversary? No matter the occasion, it’s always a great time to contribute something personal and permanent to our new Adoption Center by purchasing an etching on marble tile of your pet’s picture. And when you do, your love for the animals and your help in ensuring a future for the least fortunate of them will be written on our walls and walks, and in our hearts, now and for the future!

Marble Tribute Tiles

Tribute Marble Tiles 5×7$250 each
Tribute Marble Tiles 8×10$750 each
Tribute Marble Tiles 11×13$1,000 each
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