Todd (now Koba) - Lakeland Animal Shelter

Todd (now Koba)

Lakeland Animal Shelter - Todd

Todd is now known as Koba!

After a rough first month, Koba has gained traction and is catching on amazingly on how to be a good boy.

He is so overly attached to me, and we couldn’t be closer. He is such a smart dog, learning tricks super fast. He actually even learned how to open a door at my house. Koba loves walks and car rides and is the most photogenic dog I’ve met. Koba also loves sleeping, SO much. He may seem hyper but he’s actually very lazy. He is slowly getting more and more used to having other humans around but still gets some anxiety from time to time.

Once he is used to someone, he can’t get enough of them and reaches for attention all times. All Koba needed was some guidance and love to break his bad tendencies! Attached are a couple pictures of him! Thank you for all you guys do for helpless animals!

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