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Lakeland Animal Shelter - Petunia

Good morning! Just wanted to share a update on Petunia!

She is doing great and has settled into the family nicely! She loves attention and mostly donut  holes lol! We ordered her a custom ramp to make going outside easy for her only to find out she can go up and down the stairs if she really wants to lol.

Petunia has her own bedroom that I decorated in everything piggy … she is just wonderful! She loves affection. I lay down with her every night before bed and she loves to cuddle and put her nose on my face and snort it’s super funny. She likes to rub her butt on the table to scratch it and push you with her nose when she wants snacks which is almost always.

Her eyes are so much better after surgery she doesn’t seem to be in any discomfort which makes us both happy. She also smells like maple syrup so I call her Mrs Butterworth sometimes I’m guessing I think it’s funnier then she does lol.

We just got done designing our mud room which is Petunias room she will now have a custom bed built in and all the art is Petunia related. She likes music. I have a playlist I put on for her when I leave, and she seems to enjoy it. In spring I’m going to have a photographer come out and take pictures of her to frame and put on the walls of her room!

We also have a little ramp so she can get up on the couch which she loves to lay on and watch tv with me. She really is wonderful! I love her very much. Anytime anyone would like to come visit her just give me a call! I’m sure she would love to see some of you!

She is super smart and very well behaved better then any of my dogs lol.  Thank you for the opportunity to be her mom she is definitely living her best life!

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