Elda (now Mia) - Lakeland Animal Shelter

Elda (now Mia)

Lakeland Animal Shelter - Mia

I am happy to report that Mia is doing WONDERFUL!! (Our girls decided to name her Mia instead of Elda.)

A little back story you might want to include on your Facebook page is that she was a stray, who was VERY pregnant & sought shelter in our garage. I was headed out & noticed she had 2 babies & her belly was still fairly big. By the time I’d returned, she’d had 2 more babies (one still had the placenta attached to it) and her uterus prolapsed ENTIRELY from her body! It was the most heartwrenching thing I’ve ever seen.

My mom & I rushed her to area vets & they all wanted the total cost of the surgery to save her upfront. Unfortunately, I did not have the funds for that. I was also running late for work. I knew her only chance of survival was to bring her to Lakeland Animal Shelter, & I am so glad that I followed my instincts!

My mom & 13 yr old son (who grew attached to her instantly) dropped her off, letting your staff know that I was more than willing to adopt her if you could save her. That is exactly what you guys did! You saved her life!

Unfortunately, her babies did not make it, but our family is so very grateful that she did! She is so loving & friendly (even with visitors). She’s gained a healthy amount of weight and is very playful. She has made herself right at home & we wouldn’t have it any other way!

Thank you again for our fur baby! We love her so very much!

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